Administrative Staff

Executive Director                             George Simon                    936-649-3207

Adminstrative Complaince Asst.          Katrina Solice                    409-200-2819

​Health Coordinator                             TyKeisha Wilson                936-649-3216

ERSEA Manager                                Patty Andrews                   936-649-3211

Family Service Manager                      Mary Williams                   936-649-3215

Home Base Manager                           Vera Boxley                       936-649-3209

Home Base Manager                           Tomeka Jones                    936-649-3213

Tri-County Community Action, Inc.

Program Services

​Children need to develop skills that enable them to be socially competent, intelligent and self-assured individuals.

We are the one early childhood education organization that meets the total needs of each child, thereby ensuring that every child will have the same opportunity as his or her more advantaged peers to succeed in school and life.

Our goals and objectives address the needs and demographics of families, promote the highest level of services possible, are culturally sensitive, and ensure that families and children leave Head Start with the desire to be lifelong learners and achievers.